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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Last satuday, we had a suprise BBQ party for Uncle Yun. He just came back from malaysia. His daughter had a bone marrow transplant last week in Malaysia. Apparently, his youngest baby, had anemia... diamond black-fan anemia.. rare disease that affects the bodies ability to make red blood cells and, consequentially, stunts growth, very rare type of anemia. After 30 times of blood transfusion, the baby condition didnt seem to be improving. So, as the last resort, the family decided to go for bone marrow transplant. The operation was a success... and now, we are waiting to see how the baby respond to the new bone marrow.... Insya Allah.. everything will be fine... God willing

So, what we did was, the eldest daugther of uncle yunus told uncle yunus that nobody was waiting for him at home.. so.. uncle yunus was a bit dissapointed bcoz he expected few of us would be there when he came back... But, as soon as he reached home.. he was very supprise to see all the ppl waiting for him and he was so happy that we all had been waiting for him. Thanks to Qz for organizing this. It was lots of fun... and we were very glad that our small welcome back party bring happiness to uncle yun and family.

for those ppl who dont know who is uncle Yunus.. he's one of the officer who is responsible for buying the Sukhoi fighter jets from russia. he's been here for 3 years.. and another 3 more years until all the sukhoi jets are finished assembled. Amazing facts about him, he's a PhD holder,and there are only 5 PhD holder in malaysia army... and of course that gave him the title DR + Lt general. how cool is that.
"Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for."


Red Mummy said...

can u pls tell uncle yunus

i wish the baby is in good condition, semoga cepat sembuh dan kembali riang gembira...

pastu bgtau uncle yun, there are lots of bloggers in msia, but there s only one blogger is the winner of BI, and that is a MOTHER, the only mom in the competition.

and can you pls tell the owner of the blog, take out la the word verification but he looks so damn bloody hensem wt that baju melayu itam. sib baiklah aku ni dah bukan anak dara!

so make sure u tell them my msg k!

adrenaline said...

I pray that the child will always be in the best of health. anyway, u look cute with that umbrella hat on top of u....