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Saturday, March 10, 2007

music n lyric..

"All I want to do is find a way back into love,I can't make it through without a way back into love , And if I open my heart to you,I'm hoping you'll show me what to do, And I hope you help me to start again, You know that I'll be there for you in the end "

a fren of mine has been writing about this movie in her blog.. so I decided to download this movie and I just finish watching it. Actually, I was waiting for this movie too... I saw the interview of Hugh Grant about this movie in the Top Gear when he was a guest on the show. It was a very nice movie- a typical Hugh movie... but I like it.. I like his style... charming... tried to copy him sometimes, but since I dont have the British ascent... it doesnt goes well with me... hehehe.. anyway... I had my haircut today... finally...

On the left, my new hairdoo.. ( right.. my hair few days ago!!)pretty short.. hehehe... long hair does give me a disturbance sometime.. and I do think that, being a medical student with long hair isnt very convincing... especially when I'm dealing with patient... yuppss... appearance is basically everything... ppl always judge by the way we look... and in most ppl's mind.. doc is a nerd, tidy bookworm type of guy... so... what to do... what to do... hahhah


adrenaline said...

Whahahaha......Music & lyric! I am goin to watch this show today after work. Really cant wait for it. Find me a date can?? Otherwise it wud b a solitary evening.... I think right, if a doctor have a long hair oso not bad right??Haggard look is also nice but ur new hairdo is a neat one (nerdyyyy)..hohohohoho

zackyah fimiyun said...

owh,kena aaa suka bebenor citer pasal makanan..buat gue lapar aje.....hahaha..

untung duk luar negara,pakar memasak..kalau budak local uni..hampagas sikit seni memasak nie..hahahaaha

Red Mummy said...

ok akak nak carik dvd dia, kalo x best siap ko nan.

rambut baru ok, macam baru kuor sekolah asrama gituk!

ween said...

kah kah, kak red ni!!

Nan ni the Dr of the new millennia.. I think the perception of doctors being nerdy and haggard should change.. and nan you should start.. but ok pe the ol' hair, kalau ada tengok dat show 'house' dr cute rambut dia pon ala nan jugak!!

wénkt said...

dem lawa nasi ayam ko!

wan nak pi buat hairdo gak aaaa