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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Seperti menunggu snow jatuh ke riba...

who's that guy? he's a very nice man thou...
Boring nyer , exam dah dekat, my sport season for this year has come to the end. Last weekend was my last futsal game, last badminton, last bowling for this year. Yup, this year is coming to the end. Hari ni 19 dec, ade lagi dlm 11 hari kot dalam 2006. So, sape2 yg belum tunaikan azam 2006 tu, ade lagi mase nak tunaikan. Aku? ahhaha, x pernah ade azam tahun baru. never thought about it, dont even bother to think about it. Coz, technically, u dont have to wait until new year to start something new, or to change something in ur life. Somemore, i have 4 exams this winter, meaning= my winter break is gone, not enuf time to travel outside moscow. Btwn, i do need a long rest. ( actually, this semester seemed to be a long holiday for me !!! heheheh)

konkova, my daily stopover.

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pearlEJ said...

konkova neh tmpt jual makanan tu ker?