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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

why do I write blog???

1. I'm totally bored
2. since i have a broadband internet connection here, might as well use it at the fullest..
3. to keep my good n bad times diary here in moscow n remind me stuffsss( I'm bad at remembering stuff)
4. cause writing a real diary is a pain in da ***, and I do need to practice my english since I'm learning in russian now... ( my english has deteriorated a lot since I arrived here!!!)
5. there is no public speaking here for me to share my thought with other ppl.... hahahaah
6. some of my frens do ask me to write blog..
7. hmmm...... to be continued....
my art for my fren's project..... guess who's the girl in the poster? .... ( tq photoshop)

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pearlEJ said...

ohhh mcm tuuu...