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Friday, October 01, 2010

once is enough?

True story,
When I was in primary school- as the big exam coming up ,
(Yes- the upsr... The exam which set the starting point of ur life).

A few days prior to the exam, I was still busy watching tv and going out with my frens.

One night, as I was watching the tv... My mom was a bit concerned looking at me so relaxed regardless the exam was just around the corner.

Mom : enough with the tv... Go read ur books!

Me : .......

I gave her an empty look. Coz she hardly tell me to read or study.
Was a bit confused actually , why my mom was suddenly so concerned.

Then I went into my room... Looking for books to read. It was very wierd coz when I was in primary school.. I didn't study that hard.
I looked at the book shelves... Looked inside my school bag..
I was like " dude.. What should I read?"

A few minutes later, I came out from my room...

.... Holding an enyd blyton storybook and start reading the mystery of something something in front of the tv..

my mom : owh.. Whatever!

But thank god.. I did well in the upsr and managed to get a place at the most prestigous boarding school in kelantan.


JaNgGuT CiPuT said...

well done Dr !!!!

shusupian said...

same goes to me during primaary school..but not now anymore..bcoz medic is not a subject that u can study the day bfore exam..u must be knowing better..but it doesnt mean u cannot have ur social life..

aMeR aJa said...

salam dr. im a medical student in alexandria, egypt. im curios to know about the lifestyle of army doctors because i am sponsered by the ministry of defence. can you tell me what is the diferences being an army doctor and a regular doctor. thanks. :) btw, congrats. suka tgk anak melayu kita berjaya. dan masuk paper. tahniah. semoga berjaya dr han. :)