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Monday, October 25, 2010

been busy

for the past few days
my life was a bit hectic
oncall , my part time job
the gym... the yoga class
the salsa and belly dancing class
suddenly my life has become so interesting again!
i love being busy
i love that every single minute of my life filled with activities

there were times i wish i could just stay home...
do nothing and watch tv
there were times i wish i could just rest on my best ... all day long
but i only need a little time for that

life is short
i m 26 this years
been working as a doctor for nearly 3 years
3 bloody years! and i felt like it was yesterday i just started work
i could still remember vividly my student's days...

not sure what will happened 3 years later...
get married ... have babies
open my own private clinic? and drive my dream car?
or pursuing my dream of being a specialist?
or just preying for money and being a medical officer at private hospital where i could earn 3 times more compared just being a government servant?

for now ...
i just follow the flow of my life
trying not to think much about the future
hoping to be the best i could
coz life ... life is what happened when we are busy making plans.
hence .. live ur life!


My Putri said...

grass is alwiz greener on de other side ya...when we are busy we want to laze , and when we are lazing away , we miss being bz...

anyways its good to keep busy ..keeps our brains on de go.. salsa and belly dancing class in Kelantan ke ?? amazing !!

~~faizatul akma~~ said...

mintak izin copy n paste da laz sentence of your blog..feel amaze with inspired...keep blogging dr..=)