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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

dr han talks about rooney

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me is a big fan of manchester united
yes, a real big fan.
when man utd win , i m a happy man
when they draw or lost ...  i'm not in a good mood

as other man utd fan all over the world ,
i remember every single player in the team by name , ages , their history and bla bla bla
when they sold ronaldo to real madrid last year ,
i knew ferguson is having dimentia
and now ,
the manager had a bust up with rooney ,
and the wonder boy is walking thru the exit door of old trafford

it's the good news for chelsea and man city fan
( maybe for liverpool fan too , but they are too busy to avoid relegation rite now )
personally, i respect ferguson
he did the same with Jaap Stam , beckham , heinze and keane before
now it's rooney time
everyone has to follow what the gaffer say , or else ... find another club
in Rooney case , he doesnt have to find other clubs
the other clubs are waiting for him

this season , man utd is not doing very well. they are actually terrible ( luckily liverpool is in horrible state rite now)
with rooney parting away - man utd is going down down and down
bad news for me

well , here's something we could learn about life
we are the owner of our life
we decide what we want to do
we choose who we want to be friend
we pick what we prefer
and when we dislike something
we throw it away

but sometimes,  our life , is not just about "us"
there are other people in our life
hence , there are times we have to be humble
there are times , we have to admit our mistake and we have to apologise
there are times we could be tough and straight foward
but at times , we have to be considerate and put our need aside

nonetheless , men are men
they are ego , rock-headed , pain in the ass - u named it
when they hate something.... that's it
done and done
and in rooney case .. it's either ferguson remain the boss and rooney goes away ,
or rooney stay , and ferguson is heading to retirement home

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