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Friday, October 15, 2010

kelantan vs selangor

I got a sms from a dear fren..
" Dude, gua nak dtg tgk bola malam esok bro.. Tlg cari tiket utk gua... Vvip seat la.. "
So I call my contact
He said the ticket is sold out for vvip seat
But he said I could go with him and seat with him at vvvip seat.

Kelantan vs selangor,

I m actually not a big fan of local football. But the fact is something else that will happen tonite.. Really excite me

We all know about the death of kelantanese fan during 1st leg game at selangor few days back.
If I were selangor fan.. I would rather not come to kelantan this time around., let alone watch and cheer for selangor in the stadium tonite...

The fa said there will be strict safety control..
But honestly... Could u control the anger of the kelantanese fan?
I m not sure about the answer.

The best thing to do, is for the selangor fa to make an official apology to the kelantan fan and the kelantan fan must accept the apology in the name of sport.
Hopefully the game tonite will run smoothly

... Bad news for me.. I just realized last nite that I am on call today. Hence, I can't watch the game.
I ll be stuck in the hospital!

Nonetheless, I hope there won't be any death case tonite.

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Princess Nur said...

loorrr..ingatkan pegi stadium tuu..hehe..gomo kelate gomo!