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Sunday, October 10, 2010

the unfullfilled dream

we all have dream
all sort of dream
everyone of us , do dream of being a superstar
for me - i always want to be a singer

unfortunately , i dont think i do have the voice required to make people buy my album!
hencefoward  , i just kept the dream to myself
which sometimes i take it out from my closet  during hari raya
and during karoeke session

yup .. some dreams are meant to be persue
and some , are best be kept silence
even thou i want to be a singer
i have bigger dream than that
therefore , this one must wait

i ll someday come out on tv ,
singing a song , or two
maybe a duet with a famous singer..
maybe not beyonce...
but i wont rule out Rossa...
who knows rite
maybe a collaboration with zamani SLAM..

1 comment:

Hye ReaderS naMA saya AIMI said...

cara2 nak jadi artis megi segera ::

-nyanyi la toilet (practice supaya pich xlari)

-pegi karokae sekerap mungkin (melabur utk masa depan)

-nyanyi kat tempat wedding (untuk promote diri sendiri)

-pegi audtion af,mentordan sbgnya (law xdi brjaya,pegi tiap2 tahun sampai juri kenal siapa anda)

-upload video kat u-tube (tambah efek sendir kasi melatop sikit,contohnye rongakkan gigi,hehe)

*tu je la kot tips nye..

gud luck

hehe,sj je sukasuka,jangan marah...