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Thursday, October 14, 2010

how do u get cancer

i received a lot of question from my readers...
"Dr han , how do i know if i have cancer? "
my answer would be " u'll never know until it's too late "

yes, cancer is a very delicate disease
in early stage , it comes with no symptom
any healthy person could have cancer
because in early stage it's harmless
" macam anak singa"
they are adorable when they were cubs
but when they grow up , they will eat ur flesh out

i'm serious , it's hard to diagnose cancer during early stage
usually , when cancer is symptomatic
it's already in late stage
and most likely will end up with death

what are the cause of any cancer?
nobody knows
some said smoking, drinking alcohol and junk foods will lead to cancer
but no solid evidence could prove this
" except for smoking which very likely to cause lung cancer"
smoking , alcohol and unhealthy food are risk factor to get cancer, not the cause
even if u avoid all these 3 , and go to the gym everyday, work out everyday ,
eat healthy food - u still have the chance to get cancer
yes - life is not fair
some people who drinks excessively , smoke 10 packs per day , eat mcdonald 3 times per day
still live until 70 years old  , and have no cancer

usually, at latent stage of cancer ,
the symptom are - loss of appetite , loss of weight ,
body weakness...
and u have abnormal mass in ur body

by this time , it's already too late
u will end up with chemotheraphy , radiotheraphy
and surgery ...
all these treatment are very expensive and very painful.

so , the lesson here , just live ur life
some said , "let's go for check up regularly for cancer so it can be detected in early stage"
but seriously , if u are diagnosed to have early stage cancer at age of 30 ,
then u'll end up worrying about treatment and dying for the next 20 years
technically, u would better end up diagnosed with cancer at latent stage when u are already 60-70 years old
at least , u had ur 50 years pain free and stress free.


Wanny said...

I agree with u doc, 2 years ago i lost my son to brain cancer. He was in remission for 4 years before he relapsed. Now people tell me to send my one & only beautiful daughter for cancer screening, just in case she has it too.... and I'm in dilemma to go through the same stress or to live in ignorance bliss.

dayanaazhar:) said...

well, cancer is believed to be a delicate disease caused by one to have "saka"inside their bodies. In other word, penyakit saka.

rizalhana said...

salam, 1st time bc ur blog, byk info i get.Likeeee...
Just 1 quest, cauliflower tu good for rawat cancer or boleh sebabkan cancer?