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Monday, October 04, 2010

truth and trust

 story number uno

a fren asked me to buy him a flight ticket coz he got some problem with his credit card
i gave him mine without thinking twice
coz i remember how he helped me before

he : do u trust me with all ur personal info and ur credit card info?
me: as much as u trusted me last time ... i trust u too rite now!

story number duo

a fren asked him mom about funding my project to open my own gp. this one involved a lot of money... really a lot.

he : i want to open a clinic for dr han
his mom : do u trust him? what if he cheated on ur money?
he : i would be "satisfied" if he cheated me. After all this time i know him , we spent time together , eat the same food , share a drink , tido sebantal ...  saya rasa puas hati sangat kalau dr tu nak tipu saya ...
i trust him..

i m lucky to have all my good frens around me. they are always there for me and i always try be there for them when they need me.
friendship is just priceless....


wancuyan said...

just be careful coz normally people who always cheat you is your own good friends

jim said...