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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

when will kelantan gets a starbuck!?

me myself isnt a big fan of starbuck
or coffee bean

but everytime i had visitor from outside of kelantan visiting kota bharu for the first time ,
they will ask " where's the starbuck? "
" where's the gsc / tgv ? "
truth is - there isnt any of those

God knows why

some said kelantanese are not rich enuf for all those stuff
which i strongly disagree...
some said it's because kelantan is ruled by PAS
which i believe there is some truth in there

According to my reliable sources
PAS didnt completely disallowed any cinema to be built in kelantan
but PAS has their own rules and regulation for that
which , so far TGV and GSC arent able to comply , yet

and this issue became an excuse for me to visit kl and penang frequently.
i have no problem with current ruler party
i reckon PAS does a good job
people outside kelantan said that kelantan is under develop
they said kelantanese live in poverty
truth is , many kelantanese are very much happy they way kelantan is right now
including me.
not much development means less traffic jam
cheaper cost of living
cleaner air
i definitely suggest kelantan is the best place to raise ur kids!
no clubs , no disco , no sport TOTO
technically it's a very  family friendly state
but not very tourist friendly :P

nonetheless ,
there is always a part of me who want to have some fun
in that case , thanks to firefly ,
i could fly to KL anytime i want ...

so , when will kelantan gets a starbuck...
i dont know
but for now I'm happy with small cheap kopitiam in kota bharu


shusupian said...

as a kelantanese i agree that kelantan is the best place to raise our kids..but now traffic jam is also there in kelantan bcoz everyone is hving there own car now...huhuhu

Iman Aisyah said...

Agreed with your entry. As a half Kelantan and being raised in Kelantan, I agreed Kelantan is the best place to raise our kids. Some friends once said to me, they thought that all the houses in Kelantan, "rumah kayu yang buruk2" but reality is "banyak rumah banglo besar2". Haha. They also think that they is no TV in Kelantan. Huhu. But to be truth is lotss of flat TV even as big as in the market.

Anonymous said...

Kat perlis pun sama....bnyk kwn2 sy yg keje kat KL nak balik dok perlis sbb xde trafic jem, kos rendah, dekat dengan umah...hehehe..mmg sangat menjimatkan....

Alhamdulillah dpt keje kat tempat sendiri..

Almost setiap bulan sy,takde la rasa bosan jer kat sini..

Mcm kelantan, perlis pun xde panggung wayang..huhu..starbuck apatah lagik laa....:D

ain j said...

i hate the perception when people says kelantanesse lived in poverty.
i'm pure kelantan.kelantan is much better than the place i've been live for now..... :)
for those people yg still nk merendah2 kan kelantan, why don't u come and see what kelantan is.i'm mad because some of my friends still can't accept their peers from kelantan.

doc, i love your entry and your perception towards kelantan. at least the situation a bit clearer now....haha

Chika Chika said...

salah satu benda yang hebatnya rakyat Kelantan ni, mereka happy duduk di Kelantan. Jarang ada orang Kelantan bersetuju bila negerinya disifatkan mundur, boring, tak best etc. Selalu orang cakap, KESIAANNNN ORANG KELANTAN. KEnapa kesian? I think they live happily ever after there. Bukan?

Hi, Han! How are you?
Lama tak 'berkomunikasi'.

pali samad said...

setuju 100%

sitiebby said...

setuju sangat. saya pun org kelantan,now keja di sibu,sarawak. bab pembesaran anak2, mmg saya beratkan.kt sini, kdg2 sy tgk lbh teruk dr KL perangai bdk2.ikut sgt trend dr tv tnp pkir pjg. dlm hati,nk je biarkan mak yg mbesarkan cucu kt sana, tapi hati plak yg sayu.
enjoy bc ur blog, nice.