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Sunday, October 03, 2010

dia miliku , bukan milik mu...

the "cinta kirana" ost songs from yuvie n nuno is playing in my head 24 / 7
love the song a lot...
" die milik ku... bukan milik mu..
pergi lah kamu...."
love it.. and love it.
that's my official song rite now.

i ve been thinking of getting a new phone
currently using the latest blackberry curve
but i want something new

a part of me want to get the new iphone 4
love the sexy look ,the led screen is just amazing
the best touch screen phone ever
but it doesnt have bbm!
i love bbm too
which make me want to get the blackberry torch
which one is better?
guys help me out please!

1 comment:

Norieta husain said...

i phone 4 is bettr.............yesss i great..