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Friday, October 15, 2010

budget 2011

First and foremost..
I am not anti barisan nasional or against the current ruler party.
I'm pretty much neutral. All my life, I haven't voted yet.

Nevertheless, with the budget being told just now..
I was very dissapointed, and I do believe a lot of malaysian citizen feel the same way too.

I am a government servant. The last time I remember the government gave us bonus was in 2008. Since then.. Nothing..

For us.. The doctors, we are very much underpaid. No kidding. A fren of mine, he's an englishman.. A doctor in london.. He was suprised when I told him my salary.
A government doctor salary is not much different from any kind of officer in government office. Even a school teacher could earn more than a doctor. So, what's the point of going to university for 5-6 years... And having to work 7 days a week.. And all the oncalls.. And yet u earn that much???..

Mmm.. It's ridiculous.

In other part of the world.. Such as france for ex.. If the government don't do justice to the citizen.. They go out to the street and do demonstration. In aviation company.. If the pilot felt they are underpaid.. They refuse to fly the plane...

Have the government ever think.. What if all doctors demonstrated and stop working for a day???
How many people would be dead in that 24 hours.

But it's ok. We , doctors won't do that. We have obligation to the society. Even thou we are underpaid and have to work "mcm hamba abdi"..
We will never do that. We kept working. Coz the patients need us. They are always sick people.
It's ok.. Even thou our government don't do us justice.. We won't do the same to our patient. We treat our patient the best we could.
Coz in the end.. We believe God will pay us back. And God also will pay back people who do unjustice to other..

Semangat satu malaysia..
Rakyat didahulukan..
Pencapaian diutamakan..

... Sigh...


Anonymous said...

every single thing,God will pay us back..if not in dis world, maybe during hereafter...

Mrs.Sheikh said...

nan, mencurah bakti tak minta di balas. tp gomen patutnya fikir2kan juga even kita tak minta balasan. hargai la sikit kan..

huhuhuhu... very the kuli bataks like me laa..

mrs. rahman said...

i'm sure a lot of malaysian citizen feel the same way too dr.