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Friday, October 01, 2010

the hospital pyramid

There 5 types of doctors in government hospital.
Firstly there are house officers , there are medical officers , there are specialist, there are consultants and on top of the cascade there are head of departments plus the hospital director. So, the system is like the pyramid system.

Sometimes it also known as the " kasta" system in india... In which, the housemen are the pariah.
the house officers are technically are the "buruh indon+bangla" at the hospital.
Bak kata pepatah... " House officer = kerja angkat najis"

When a patient first came to the hospital, they will be attended by house officers. If at emergency department, there will be only senior house officer.. So, no problem there.

The not so funny part happened in ward. If u are admitted, 90 % of chances u ll be seen by a house officer first. So, they are the people who decided ur case is emergency or not...
If u are attended by senior houseman.. U r fine. If u attended by new houseman... Then u might have some difficulty.

But no worry, all cases must be informed to resident medical officer and they will review u , regardless of everything.

So that explained why in government hospital u have to tell the same story over and over again to different doctors. All because of this pyramid system.


Anonymous said...

simple but a lot of info here..
(^^,)ermm..baru saya tahu 'piramid' yg wujud sedemikian rupa..apa pn,pengalaman itu mendewasakan manusia dari masa ke masa...

all de best Dr Hannan!

alfonso said...

whatever it is people should respect to each others.Even HO they still a doctor.They put a lot of effort during study and managed to become doctor eventually.Yes they are new but it doesnt mean they are not good.They just lack of experience.If u seen them 10 years after this maybe they are Head of departmnt or director as well. so just respect to each other

FarhanaDr said...

Err.. Takut plak nak jadi HO.. Masih membimbangkan soal "competent" atau tidak.. Huhu..

shusupian said...

saya sokong alfonso..dr HO tu la lahirnya HOD @ Director..the difference is only experience