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Friday, October 08, 2010

Dr Han talks about syphilis

a reader asked me about syphilis
he's concerned about a "lesion" he's having at his private part
he's sexually active and doesnt use protection when having random sex

So, here's the truth
" Mr X - u might have syphilis , no kidding! "

Syphilis is caused by Trepenoma Pallidum bacteria infection
yes, such a fancy name for such a pain in the ass bacteria
syphilis is usually transmitted by sexual intercourse and thru blood
it also can be transmitted to ur fetus if u r pregnant!
so beware ladies!

how does syphilis looks like?
usually a lesion at ur penis , or around ur vagina..
some sort of ulcer
we call it chancre

if u r sexually active and have u developed this problem
the chance is u have syphilis

luckily , syphilis is easily cured
thanks to antibiotic
A few days on Penicillin will take ur nightmare away!

nonetheless, the big problem with syphilis is - people are shy to go to doctor when they have problem around their genital areas
hence the syphilis got very serious
early stage of syphilis could easily  be treated with penicillin
however if u come in late..
it could be already  spreading to ur brain , bone, eyes and heart
hence , seek ur medical doctor instantly!

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