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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Dr Han goes to yoga class

lesson number uno!
if u want to go to yoga class.
u must be fit and have perfectly shaped body
or else u ll end up like a baby elephant learning how to tie a shoe lace
in another word - u'll look stupid!


i had my 1st yoga lesson today,
it was .....mmmm how to describe it... wierdddddd...
well , some said  - yoga is calming and relaxing
but very unlikely if u are a first timer like me just now.
instead of freeing my mind - yoga was very stressful for me.
instead of feeling myself being somewhere peaceful like near the waterfall and birds chirping nearby ..
i felt so stressful like my patient in icu is dying and i'm about to do cpr!
thru out the class , i had been repeating asking.." are we done yet... are we done yet? "
the trainer was laughing like there is no tomorrow , having a new student like me.

i was like..." ouch... there goes my biceps... "
"ouch ,  someone has to feed me dinner .. i torned my muscles apart! "
" this is not what i saw on tv ! "

it's definitely not easy.
if u are not in shape.. u'll end up looking like a doraemon reaching for doriyaki

after the lesson ended ,
everyone gave me a big clap.
they said .."well done doctor! u did well for a first timer!  , we'll see u on the next session! "
me " u bet!!!  , where's my painkiller injection! "

yoga... yoga .. yoga..
what's next for me? salsa!

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Norieta husain said...

perfect life dr han.....