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Monday, October 11, 2010

when i grow up

back then
when i was still a student
life was damn good
no need to worry about money , thanks to the scholarship
no responsibility toward patients
feeling tired during lecture?
letak kepala atas meja ... put ur recorder on...
or copy ur fren's note
ape susah kan?

but those were the days
care free days
i could go out all night long..
without worrying about tomorrow

now those days are over

my night life activity has to be limited
need to be home before 12 midnite
or else i wont get enough sleep
need to read regardless there will be exam or not tomorrow
cause i still have a lot to learn
and everyday i see different new cases at work

i m thankful to God for all those joyful days i had
and i do pray to go my life ahead would be as fun as before
or better

1 comment:

hasmira said...

so interest story & sweet moment dr...wish u gdluck=)