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Sunday, October 03, 2010

sick mode

yes dear ,
doctors do get sick too!
early this year i was admitted to perdana specialist hospital due to dengue fever
and 2 days ago i was nearly been admitted too..

what happened was , i had food poisoning
not very sure where the source came from
too many hari raya open house
had the classical food poisoning sign and symptoms
- abdominal pain , nausea and vomitting , loose stool , generalized weakness

initially it started with loose stool ,
then i felt very tired..
slept the whole day,
was thinking to go to hospital
and suddenly i felt like puking
went to the toilet and vomitted a lot of "stuff! "
yes... euuuuwww
but i felt a lot better after vomitting

since then , i have not been eating much
still have trauma since that episode
my last meal was about 24 hours ago.
not been eating anything yet
feel hungry
and the thought of food poisoning again..
it was scary

therefore , eat properly guys.
dont be like me!


Ahmad Naim said...

alahai dr hannan
semoga cepat sehat..
ramai yg perlukana khidmat anda..

maRiena.. said...

ahaa . doktor pon sakit juga ;) .

Admin said...

i eat everythin i want, its not good for me n my healthy