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Sunday, October 10, 2010

i phone 4 - the irony

i went to maxis center earlier today
with intention to buy the new iphone 4
but, unfortunately , as every kelantanese also want the new iphone 4
i was put on the waiting list
i asked the dude in charge
"how long till i get the iphone?"
him " not sure , we'll give u a call once the phone is available "
it's pretty much said that i have to wait for at least a month or two

and that pretty much reduce my love toward iphone
but then...i still want i phone
but what if everyone else also use iphone
as i looked at the waiting list just now ..
it's look likes the iphone will be the most common phone in kota bharu!
the list is few pages long.
maybe i should stick to my blackberry

i dont like to have something similar with 10000 other people who live nearby me.
well , cant blame them
everyone wants i phone
it's so seducing.
the sleek appearance ,
the stylish looks ,

now i understand the feeling of the girls around me ..
wanting me but not wanting to share someone like me...
hehehhehe... just kidding!!!


AnNe said...

"wanting me but not wanting to share someone like me..."??
**gelak terguling2**
sowie senior...=P

Anonymous said...

maybe need to turun KL..list tak lah ramai agaknyer..

zie said...

the last 4 sentences makes me laugh guling-guling in ofc - so cute.

Maff said...

Carik peluang je ek nak buat comparison. It worked...Hilarious.I didnt see it coming :)

Norieta husain said...

ayt yg last tu len mcm jerr bunyi nyerr...
tp actly that reality....
kalah fizo omar....erm dlm ramai2 ada sorng insan jerr yg bertuah...kak syida....
org len,tngu another version of dr hannan ekkk..he6