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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dr Han goes to belly dancing class

if i am at fourty years old now
u must be thinking i'm having a mid life crisis
yes, i joined the belly dancing class
when i told my fren just now ... "dude , i'm joining the ladies for the belly dancing"
he said " God saves u.."

apparently i was the only guy in the class ,
there were a few arabic girls ,
they were looking at me as if i'm a lost cat or something
and the rest was a group of ladies old enuf to be my mother
anyway , i dont care
i just wanted to try to learn something new

initially they asked me to wear the fancy dress ,..
u know that bling bling thingy which make "kching-kching " sound when u move ur ass around
i said " thanks but no thanks!"
to be in the class in crazy enuf for me...
let alone wearing that thing!

so, i learned a few steps ..
and i was very hard
initially i looked like a clown
more like robot actually
lucky for me the rest of the group also as about the same level as i am
but i noticed the instructor did laugh at me at times
cant blame her.

seriously , belly dancing is damn hard
now i understood how they feel
now i appreciate belly dancing a lot further
next time a girl perform belly dancing for me
more tips for her!
it's a beatiful art!


rosy said...

hahaha.. now u know it haaa... its really hard.. but i love it.. especially sound of coin belt.. kching kching...

LayarLara said...

tang mana yang nak diturunkan tu?? lelaki buncit sket seksi wattt...

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