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Monday, October 18, 2010

1 malaysia ? we were way ahead

back then when i was studying in moscow,
my housemate is a chinese,
my neighbour are indians
and yet we live peacefully
we used to cook together,
we take turn to cook everyday.

my indian frens would could curry on their turn
my chinese housemate will turn out with his herbal chicken whatsoever
and me with my famous " telur dadar" ( sometime i did cook nasi lemak ok! )
we shared the same food , everyone eat with hands
we had such a good times

and that what happened when we live somewhere far far away from our beloved country
we become united
everyone is malaysian
yet, we respect each other faith , culture and religion
no problemo at all

but when i got back to malaysia
it's hard to see the same situation
how often u see a real group of people ,
consisting different races  ,
enjoying each other company
respect each other ,
yes... u always see it on tv
malay, indian, chinese,
helping each other
but truth is - it's hard to find here.
the sentiment of racism become clearer when u are in bigger group of same races

when u are oversea , there were only a few of u.
and u tend to be united
back in malaysia ,
there is a big group of malay
big group of indian
big group of chinese
and we are very much seperated...

thank God ,
we are lucky we all still living in peace despite our differences
and we need to keep this harmony
in order to do that
we need to learn to respect each other
be helpful
be nice and kind
if u are nice to others , but others didnt treat u the same
no worry , God will be nice to u!


dayanaazhar:) said...

yeah, my friends, went to Russia to study medicine. Seeing their photos, doing things together, staying under one roof, and not to mention cooking together, did show how they are truly united.

well, perhaps, we can't always see the scenario of 1 malaysia here is due to distinctive environment that we live in. Some of us, just are too shy, or keep on living in a 'I dont care life".

Unity happens best at schools and universities. Cultivation since childhood, is therefore a must.

My Putri said...

thats so true indeed....
i guess when we were students then,life were less complicated..
truly de best times ...