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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vitamin c injection

Dear readers,
What do think about vitamin c injection? Any of u have tried the injection ?

I am doing a research regarding the vitamin c injection.
Kindly share ur experience here please

It is a very common procedure nowadays ,
Nothing to be shame about
It's not against the law
And it is not against the religion as well.

Medically, the only reported side effect from the vitamin c injection was the infection from the injection site...
Which is caused by improper injection technique , not by the vitamin itself.

So please share the info here guys!

Thank you a lot in advance!


Anna Mohamed Amin said...

My mom did once. but she had an allergic reaction to it and she stopped.

blog-tips-kurus said...

i think i should take it. (",)
*a real doc should know the proper technique...

Dr Hannan said...

anna -
it's very uncommon to be allergic to vitamin c injection
does ur mom has other allergy too?

blog tips kurus
injection of vitamin c is the same as other intra venous injection
every doctor should know how to perform it very well indeed

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

Yeah. She has a lot of allergies. Macam2 tak boleh makan. Macam2 tak boleh pegang. I was confused too, even the doctor who gave her the injection was confused. Her skin was red and swelling very badly after the injection. Maybe she was allergic to the needle. But I'm not so sure.

Gorgeously Flawless said...

Im selling the vitamin c and collagen injection , also the vitamin c and gluthathione injection

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It explains more about the injection from a medical point of view too

Liza Z. said...

I am using it. I administer the vitamin c + collagen to myself via iv using a butterfly needle. Have been on it for the past 2 month.. jabbing myself every week 1 ampoule. so far so good, no infection, no allergic reaction. My skins seems less dry and the scars seems to dissapear slowly.. I am a chronic eczema sufferrer and its seems to slightly help by reducing the dryness of the skin.. hope this will help your research..

Honeybee said...

I am keen to try vitamin c injection but am afraid of syringe. Beside, am concern about what the side effect it might have on me. I heard that vitamin c akan menyerap masuk dalam darah...correct me if i'm wrong.


amreeda trading said...

xperlu injection yg berbahaya dan meyakitkan..just ambil supplement vitamin c organik..kesannya menyamai suntikan vitamin c..more safe,more organic,more powerfull..klu berminat blh email ke's

Tia Fatihah Sulaiman said...

I have read about Vit C but never try it. Is it true that vit c can really lighten up skin and make skin fairer? Plz enlighten me.

maimunah azanoraini said...

Vitamin c adalah emas bagi tubuh manusia.salah satu penyebab penyakit kemurungan dan kanser adalah kekurangan vitamin c.Di samping mencantikkan kulit dan kuku vitamin c dapat memberi tenaga dan mencegah dari radical bebas yang terdapat di sekitar noraini 0194803904 untuk pembelian dan pertanyaan

maimunah azanoraini said...

Vitamin c adalah emas bagi tubuh manusia.salah satu penyebab penyakit kemurungan dan kanser adalah kekurangan vitamin c.Di samping mencantikkan kulit dan kuku vitamin c dapat memberi tenaga dan mencegah dari radical bebas yang terdapat di sekitar noraini 0194803904 untuk pembelian dan pertanyaan

m rusydan said...

Cheap injection.. Intact can go to your house

Syed Idrus Hassim said...

Hi doctor,
it's a nice topic to be discussed.
I've done few injections of Vit C + Collagen and honestly I couldnt see much improvement, but its no allergies or side effect so far. I was planned to continue the injection until I read an article about the fake product of vitamin c + collagen. The article stated that "All vitamin C + Collagen that are present in the market are actually fake products".
"Vitamin C does not mix with collagen in a single ampoule because one is water soluble and the other being of high molecular weight & of large molecule, the two does not mix."

You can check it from this link:

Is this true? Anyway, I used Vitamin C + Collagen Platinium Roche which is provided by the clinic that i went for injection.
I tried to find the product from the 'manufacturer' website, which is Roche and I couldnt find it.

So I sent email to the company and asked about the product and they confirmed that they did not marketed nor authorized the product. They had previously marketed the product here as Redoxon, but it did not include any injectable formulation.

Could you please comment on this so I can get better understanding.


St.Rosebud said...

Hi Doctor do you know where to buy authentic vit C injection from reliable seller? There's just so many fake products out there it's really hard to find the real one.

Mell emel said...

hi all,
Do u know anyone who can perform the injection for me? i bought a box of vit.c ampoule but i couldnt find any clinic which can do the injection for me.

Any suggestion?

Iced Mocha said...
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MRS. D's IB ENGLISH B SL said...

Vitamin C injections are not as potent as placenta

mooyeeh said...

Berdasarkan Peraturan 7(1)(a) Peraturan-Peraturan Kawalan Dadah dan Kosmetik 1984, seorang doktor klinik swasta tidak dibenarkan menawarkan khidmat suntikan Vitamin C kepada pelanggan.

Ahmad Aidil said...

i took this stuff myself, my chronic rhinitis improved alot !!! our government policy is solely based from the recommendation of FDA (USA). Its useless in my opinion. FDA decision is not PURE anymore, as they received financial "aid" from pharmaceutical company. Pharmaceutical company would rather pay FDA for NOT recognizing IV vitamin/glutathione and in return, patient will depends on life-long steroid treatment which these pharmaceutical made BILLIONS revenue from it. tq
-Ahmad Aidil, authors of

SARA said...

I just bought frens recommend me....I think tis wil be awesome....iwan my skin supple n I bcum whiter....hehe

nagi Preetywow said...

Hi Sara wat brand of vitamin c u have been took ...can u pls share with us

nagi Preetywow said...

Hi Sara wat brand of vitamin c u have been took ...can u pls share with us

AllenDeTrish said...

hi Doc,
is it safe to have placenta injection to be mix with vit c, gluthathione and collagen in one jab? or will there be any complication?


''Few people however know that Glutathione (Master Antioxidant & Free-Radical Scavenger) is far more important than the widely known vitamins C and E. Because Immunocal is an excellent source of glutathione precursor cysteine, I proposed some years ago that Immunocal also has anti-aging properties in addition to its well-known effect on the immune system.''--Dr Luc Montagnier
Recipient of 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine

adil ashraf said...

Sesapa yang memerlukan khidmat injection, boleh whatsapp 0149696864 utk info.

Alex said...

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ves said...

I already inject the glutax+vit c brand Glutax D Gold n i can see the improvement on my skin especially at face after 5x injection.. After 5x inject then I stop bcoz the price for jab at klinik is a bit expensive(RM30), I took it once per week n my face is glowing n almost all the stupid pimple gone.. N then after stop from taking it, my acne just started again but not worst as b4 la.. So, I go to specialist n they prescribe Accutane 10mg for me n they said it should be taking for 6 months maximum, I just finished my 3 months without fail n now I stop already bcoz that pills is so expensive duh.. RM150 for 30 for 1 tablet.. Lips n skin is dried badly, sometimes joints pain, headache n feels unconfortable, n all of it gone after 2 weeks except dried skon n crack lip.. My pimple is still here n there, also redness make me feel so bad !! 4 weeks ago I went to Nursajat Beautician Spa n inject Swiss Stemcell on my face, after 3 injection I can see a bit improvement.. The stemcell cost is RM530 for 10 ampoules, I just inject 4 times so far.. Later Im gonna taking vit C injection on the same time I took stemcell.. N my advice for people who suffers from cystic acne n stupid bumps(idiot whitehead), better dont use moosturizer bcoz it will make ur skin more worst.. Just clean ur face with gud cleanser, scrub twice a week, peel of mask sometimes, eat healthy food, no fat at all or less, no caffein, n the last is DO NOT TOUCH WITH BARE HAND !! Gud lick.. Sorry for the bad grammar bcoz I eating belacan too much la.. As long u can understand what im trying to say.. CYA.. Haha..

ves said...

It is GOOD LUCK, not LICK.. Typo trlebih.. Kah !!

adil said...

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Nuraishah Abd Malik said...

berminat nak dapatkan produk suntikan vitamin C boleh lawat =)

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